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European Aluminium seeks a strong and ambitious EU industrial policy that promotes a global playing field with international actors, supports Europe’s excellence in environmental, health and safety standards, and ensures a viable framework for a prosperous, thriving European aluminium value chain. This is why we work with multiple stakeholders in and outside our industry.


We take an active role in representing the interest of our members in all relevant stakeholder groups. We are a member of several associations and alliances that help us strengthen our advocacy on multi-sectorial or international issues. Our strategy is based on what is important for the future well-being and prosperity of Europe’s aluminium value chain.

Every Can Counts: a unique partnership to bring every drink can back in the loop

European Aluminium is proud to co-ordinate Every Can Counts: a unique partnership between drink can manufacturers and European aluminium can sheet producers that aims to inspire, encourage, and empower people to recycle their drink cans wherever they are, focusing on out-of-home consumption. As part of its mission to reach a 100% drink can recycling rate, Every Can Counts organises fun activities inspiring consumers to recycle their cans at festivals, sports events, schools, and other public places. Born in 2009, the Every Can Counts initiative now has branches in 19 European countries and Brazil. European Aluminium oversees Every Can Counts and ensures continuous alignment and improvements across all programmes to maximise the initiative’s agreed goals between can makers and European Aluminium’s packaging group members.


We have a broad network of partners that we regularly team up with to advance our policy priorities. Thanks to these partnerships in Brussels and beyond, we are able to build strong, viable solutions to today’s industrial and sustainability challenges and amplify our messaging.